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Remote PC Access Software
Why Choose MyGreenPC?

▪ Setup time just 2-3 minutes! 
▪ Easy sign-up procedure.
▪ Multiple PCs/Users included.
▪ One-Click installation.
▪ Save money on energy bills.


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MyGreenPC™ Remote PC Access Software

MyGreenPC remote pc access software allows you to remote access your pc from anywhere in the world! Our remote access service is unique because it even allows you to remotely power-on your pc from complete shutdown, hibernate or standby/sleep state*. This feature alone can save over $30/year/pc in energy savings, not to mention the convinence of remotely power-on the pc if you accidently shut it down or there is a power failure. (Calculate your savings)

Our remote pc access software is also easy to setup and we have made it very secure by using the U.S. government approved encryption algorithms and adding features like Dynamic One-Time Passwords (OTPs). OTPs are sent to your registered mobile devices and allow you to access your MyGreenPC account without using your actual account password - another industry first!
To learn more about MyGreenPC remote access software and how you can save money & energy by using our remote desktop access technology click here.
*Feature usually included on computers manufactured after year 2002



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