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How MyGreenPC Works


MyGreenPC Remote PC Access service is designed to allow you simple, fast and secure way to access your pc from anywhere in the world. The core terms related to a remote access service are the Host Computer and Client Computer

Host Computer: Also called Host PC, is the computer that you want to access remotely. E.g. you want to access your home computer from the work computer. In this case your home computer would be the Host Computer.  

Client Computer: Also called Client PC, is the computer from which you want to access the Host Computer. In our example earlier, the work computer would be the Client PC.

When you create an account with us, you will be able to create entries for each computer that you want to access remotely. Once done, you need to install Host Software on each Host computer. Doing so registers the computer with our service so we can establish connections with that computer. To access the Host computer, just download & run our client software (no installation required) .

Our software is designed to allow you secure/encrypted access to your remote pc, without having to configure routers, firewalls etc. Accessing the remote pc is as simple as signing into the client software and double-clicking the computer you want to connect with.


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