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MyGreenPC Security Overview

We take security very seriously and we have incorporated industry-leading security features in our remote access service. Below are some of the important features:

1. Concept:
MyGreenPC systems are centered on Tamper-Sensitive concept. At connection setup and during remote access sessions, even a slightest change in any data packet causes connection to be terminated instantly resetting all encryption keys and session variables thus making it impossible for packet sniffers/injectors to compromise the security. 

2. Connection Setup:

MyGreenPC doesn’t need any firewall reconfiguration. It attempts to bypass firewalls (usually successful) and if that fails it uses MyGreenPC’s own secure & fast gateways to establish a secure link with the remote computer. Using this approach, firewall ports don’t need to be opened and your computer is at no risk of being compromised by a hacker running firewall port sniffers.

3. Sessions:
Every Session is setup using unbreakable 256-bit AES encryption ensuring maximum data security. This same cipher has been entrusted by NSA for Top Secret U.S. government information and National security systems!

Also, the cryptographic algorithms that we use are validated as per National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST) CAVP program.

4. Privacy:
Even when the remote access session data is routed through MyGreenPC gateway it is in encrypted form with only client & host having the encryption keys making data completely unreadable even at Gateway level ensuring complete customer data privacy and compliance with various privacy laws.
All passwords on our servers are stored using one-way hash algorithms, making it impossible to ever retrieve the actual password. The customer’s billing information is also encrypted and then stored into our database thus offering an extra level of protection.

5. SSL Website:
Our entire website is protected by 2048-bit RSA & 128-bit AES SSL encryption. This ensures that your entire stay on our website is completely confidential and secure. All secure web pages served by our web servers have expiration policy set to Instant, basically as soon as you close the browser window all your session info will be deleted by the browser - leaving no cached pages on the computer.


6. Authentication:
MyGreenPC is the only remote pc access service that offers Dynamic One-Time Passwords(OTP). This feature allows you to request passwords on-the-go and they are delivered to your mobile device via SMS or Email instantly. You can use these passwords to safely access your pc from public PCs without having to use your actual MyGreenPC account password.

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