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MyGreenPC Remote Access Technology


1. MyGreenPC™ = Secure Remote PC Access + Energy Savings
Conventionally, users had to leave their PCs running for remote access which not only exposed computers to external threats but also resulted in significant energy consumption. By utilizing Wake-On-Lan technology, MyGreenPC overcomes this limitation and allows users to remotely power-on their computers, access the desktop, and then shutdown the computer. The process can be repeated as often as desired, resulting in secure and energy efficient computing.

Best of all, This amazing technology requires no additional hardware, just slight re-configuration and you're all set for surprising energy savings that MyGreenPC can offer.

2. Windows* Integrated Remote Desktop solution
Unlike our competitors, our Windows integrated solution offers fast and high-quality remote desktop experience. Also, on Windows Server editions, our product allows simultaneous multiple logins to the same pc.

3. NSA entrusted 256-Bit AES end-to-end Encryption
Our website & software use 256-Bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption technology. This is most modern & trusted encryption algorithm currently available. Not only that, National Security Agency (NSA) entrusts AES cipher for TOP SECRET U.S. Government Information and National Security systems.

4. Multi-level Authentication for utmost Security
One password at level-1 (user sign-in) and second during windows authentication at level-2 (remote computer sign-in) ensures the utmost security and peace of mind against account hijacking.

5. Compliance with Corporate/IT security policy
Our Windows integrated remote pc access solution ensures that all Corporate/IT domain and security policies are followed,  including anti-virus scanning, firewall policies and any other corporate filters installed. Basically, the user has same rights & access limitations as they would if they were sitting right in front of their work pc.

6. Protection against Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Attacks & Port Sniffers
Unique connection and authentication system provides protection against man-in-the-middle attacks. Default implementation of Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection has been proven to be ineffective against MITM attacks even with the encryption turned on. Since you don’t have to open any incoming ports on your computer, this setup also ensures full-protection against port-sniffers scanning open-ports for vulnerabilities.

7. More Secure than Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
VPNs require users to open incoming ports which, as discussed in previous point, exposes PCs  & Home/Office Networks to port-sniffers/hackers.

8. Secure Public Authentication & Access (SPAA)
Another first in remote pc access software market! With MyGreenPC you don’t have to supply your username and password combination at a public computer. You simply select "Public Computer" on MyGreenPC Client sign-in screen, request a One-Time Password(OTP) - which is SMS/Emailed to your mobile device instantly, and use that to login to your account.

This authentication procedure - also called Two-Factor Authentication, provides protection against public computers with hidden key-loggers, so even if your username/public access code is compromised the hacker won’t get access to your account! On the contrary, other remote access service companies require you to carry a printed list of passwords, which is cumbersome to say the least and a security nightmare waiting to happen.


9. Advanced Optimizations
Our software makes extensive use of Intel & AMD processor specific optimizations, providing exceptional performance at highest encryption levels. Our software architecture also enables us to offer entire Client software in a really small 600KB executable, enabling you to carry it on a USB stick or just download from our website on-the-go. 

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