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MyGreenPC Remote Acces Features


Following are some of the key features includes in MyGreenPC remote access service.

  • Ability to power-on your PC remotely!
    With MyGreenPC, you can remotely power-on your PC from a complete shutdown/hibernate/standby state.
  • 32-Bit Hi-Color
    Enjoy remote access session in full-color! Remotely view/edit pictures without sacrificing the image quality.
  • Audio redirection
    Hear important audio prompts by the remote pc and even listen to songs being played on the remote pc.
  • Copy/Paste between local & remote computers.
    Copy/paste items/text between local & remote computers seemlessly. This functionality allows you to efficiently work with the remote pc.
  • Remote Printing
    During session, print documents to local printer from programs running on the remote pc.
  • Generate One-Time Passwords on the go for utmost security.
    No need to worry about keyloggers anymore! Register your mobile device in your account and whenever you need to sign-in to your account just request a one-time password on the go!
  • Fully Encrypted sessions using AES 256-Bit encryption. (Read more).
    Rest assured that you are using a software-service utilizing the industry leading encryption algorithms.
  • Ability to by-pass home/corporate firewalls and establish Direct Connection between PCs.
    Direct connection to the remote computer ensures a highly responsive and fast session.
  • Installer-less Client software, just download & run!
    Forget having to install an ActiveX control or running slow java applets. Our service uses a single-executable based Client access software. Just download it from our website and run it!
  • Save money on electricity bill every month!
    By allowing you to power-on your pc remotely on-demand, instead of leaving it running 24/7, you can save a considerable amount of electricity.
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