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Energy Savings Calculator

This simple calculator can instantly estimate your energy & financial savings, that you get only by using MyGreenPC remote access service. Just fill in all the fields with your best estimate Or use default values in case you are not sure what to enter.

Note: The default values are based on a typical 8-hour work day and Home PC access(from work) scenario. Calculator does Not include weekends in calculations. If you remote access your PC on weekends as well, then your savings will be even higher!
Please Fill in all fields
1  How many Hours per day, are you away from your PC? 
2  How many Hours per day, would you access your PC remotely? 
3  How much energy does your PC consume? (average = 120 Watts)
4  How much does your Electricity provider charge per KWh? (US = $0.17) 
Estimated Savings
  Monthly Savings   Energy Saved: --  Money Saved: --
  Yearly Savings   Energy Saved: --  Money Saved: --
  CO2 Reduction   --
   Trees Offset  --
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